French Desk

A dedicated team of lawyers

Advisius has developed extensive experience in the fields of Belgian and international taxation in a Belgium-France context. A dedicated team of lawyers has been set up to be part of a French desk.

The members of the French desk have spent several years in France, working in a transnational environment addressing complex tax issues in the fields of corporate restructuring, international mobility,  real estate taxation, private estate, gift and inheritance taxes,  etc. They have also developed a large network of French tax specialists.

The French Desk is your primary point of contact to address all such questions.

Corporate tax

Operational and holding companies having interest in Belgium and France. Analysis of the Belgian tax treatment of investment made in French investment entities such as SCI, SLP, FCP, FCPR, FCPI, FPCI, SICAV, etc.

Personal tax

International mobility (emigration and immigration), management relocation and exit, analysis of income derived in an international context, etc.

Private wealth

Gift and inheritance taxes in an international context, estate planning, wealth tax, etc.