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The enterprise

Corporate tax: structuring and restructuring, holding companies, transfer pricing audit, private equity, M&A, due diligence, investments, funds, real estate, financing, supply chain,  withholdings, local tax, (im)migration, etc.

Tax due diligence, tax return, tax audit, tax litigation.


The shareholder

Personal income tax: International assets & investments, control structuring, transfer of residence, financial instruments, etc.

Planning and transmission, inheritance aspects.

Tax returns, audit, and litigation. 


The workforce

Personal and corporate income tax: stock options and incentive schemes.

International mobility, salary split and special tax regime for impatriates.

Management structuring.


Business taxation

Corporate transactions and structuring (M&A, holdings & private equity transactions, due diligence)

Investment funds

Real estate

Transfer pricing

Specific tax regimes (DTR, innovation income deduction, tonnage tax, tax consolidation, independent groups of persons, …)

Cash pool and financing structures

Activity development (start-up, scale up, international development)

Supply chain (review, structuring, indirect tax cash-flow enhancement, system simplification and compliance)

Tax rulings

Tax reporting and returns (corporate tax, non-resident tax, withholdings, tax forms, certificates, ATAD3, DAC6, VAT, etc.)

Tax audits and disputes

VAT and customs (with external experts)

Withholding tax

Local and regional taxes

Entity taxation

Activity structuring (activity in Belgium of a foreign entity, foreign activity of a Belgian entity, NPO vs. business taxation)

Tax rulings

Tax reporting and returns (legal entity tax, tax forms, certificates, DAC6, VAT, etc.)

Tax audits and disputes

Wealth tax on legal entities

Withholding tax

Local and regional taxes

Personal taxation

Remuneration and benefits

Salary taxation

Stock options and shares schemes

Impatriates special tax regime

Remuneration structuring (international mobility and split payrolls)


Local and regional taxes

Wealth taxation

Investments taxation

Wealth structuring

Gift / Inheritance and Estate planning

Set up of control structures



Setting up an activity in Belgium

Belgian tax treatment of the activity and its set up, granting you all instruments for a soft landing in Belgium. 

Investing in a US crypto web3 project

On the edge of the digital opportunities, you contemplate to invest in a US crypto project: Belgian tax consequences. 

Incentive with a stock option plan

Belgian tax perspective of Belgian or non-Belgian plan granted to beneficiaries being (or becoming) resident of Belgium. 

Restructuring the activity

Because of economical motives (acquisition, simplification, opportunities, etc.), the business activity requires the restructuring of a Belgian unit.

French Desk

We have set up a team of lawyers dedicated to the tax aspects of the France - Belgium relations for corporate bodies and individuals.

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